This Scrambler game is fun for the whole family because you are timed as you play at one of three levels of difficulty. Easy divides the picture into nine tiles, medium into twelve, and hard into sixteen tiles. There are ten pictures to choose from, and every time I've visited this site they have added more Little ones will need help choosing a picture, then pressing "Load" and "Scramble". But as soon as they see the scrambled tiles, they will understand what to do next. Can you beat your preschooler?

Kids Pysch (Ages 1-5)

This site was put together as a vehicle for you to spend quality time with your children, and to help them with cognitive thinking skills, deductive reasoning, and also just to have some fun! It is our hope that as you and your children play these games, you will talk about the skills used in each activity. Each game has information about its objectives, and this may help you to understand more about your child's development and cognitive thinking skills.

What's Different

There is something different with the picture on the LEFT versus the picture on the right! Can you find 4 differences? Just use your mouse and click on the area that is different. Find all 4 and Your a Winner!!!